Prancealots Ceize The Moment


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Sun Reh Thunderhawk of Lovehill
Ch. Victor's Cash Explosion
Ch. Charkara's The Price is Right
Ch. March-On Charkara Not For Sale Ch. Marlex Mariachi
Ch. March-On Be My Love
Marden's So Berry Sweet Ch. March-On Charkara Make A Deal
Ch. Marden's Penny's From Heaven
Ch. Charkara's Belle Ami
Ch. Charkara March On Pay Back Ch. March-On Charkara Make A Deal
Ch. Ms T'Seas Mi
 March-On Adora Belle
A/C Ch. Charkara Spencer For Hire
Ch. March-On Be My Love
Bob Tail's Brandy Jubilee (mjr ptd)
A/C Ch. Frontenac's Dances with Foxes Ch. Frontenac's Firefox
A/C Ch. Frontenac's Ricocete de Dubering
A/Bah Ch. Frontenac's Flamenco Rose
Frontenac's Satin N'Stag
Ch. Sanbrook Silk Electric)
A/C Ch. Frontenac's Silk N'Satin
Sun Reh Too Red Said Fred (mjr ptd)
A/C Ch. Kerrilynn's Drop Dead Fred
Ch. Delcrest Gold Nugget
A/C Ch. Kerrilynn's Prancing Pumkin
Edania's Dramatic Pause (Can ptd)
Pros Feel The Impact
Edania's Hold Me Tight
 Prancealots Wicked Willow
Sunset's Mark on Prancealot
Sunset's Chocobunny V Kaliber Sunset's Choco Baker Jimmies Ch. Sunset's Great Balls of Fire
Sunset's Choco Tammy Fayetail
Sunset's Chocochip v Kaliber Ch. Sunset's Block N Tackle
Sunset's Choco Mania
Sunset's Love is Blue Bluehen's Paris Blues Bluehen's Blue Suede Shoes
Bluehen's Winnie Madelia
Sunset's Choco Twix Bar
CR Chocolate Devil
Shilo's Christina in Blue
Prancealot's Moonlight Margarita Witchwood's Darknight Angel Sun Reh UB Darkndenaire A/C Ch. Sunset'a Bar-B Rio Grande
Sun Reh House Mouse
Beatle Bailey Boo Bear Edgewood's Speedy Bullet
Cragles Jeepers Creepers
Witchwood's Night Echo
Boo Bears Spiderman
Nashlyn's Teller of Tales
Nashlyn's Storytelr v Drachen
Cragles Gitchie Boo Bear Edgewood's Speedy Bullet
Bit O Charm Bracelette
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