"Liberty" .... Prancealots Liberty For All

Owner/Breeder: Prancealot

Parents  Grand-Parents  3rd Generation  4th Generation  5th Generation 
Prancealots Son-Of-A-Gun
Prancealots Top Gun Prancealots Perfection N Blue Boobears Spiderman Nashlyn's Teller of Tales
Nashlyn's Storytelr v Drachen
Boobears Sunset Sky N Aire Sun Reh UB Darkndebonaire
Sunset's Lady Sings The Blues
Prancealots Chrissmiss Holly Bo-Mar's Fire in the Sky Ch. Best Radar Red
Littenhause Toasted Sunflower
Alfa Dear Arnold II
Riverside's Alphie Dearest
Prancealots Hidden Agenda Boobears Spiderman Nashlyn's Teller of Tales Nashlyn's le Fawnz v Diversity
Dbl D's Misty Blue
Nashlyn's Storytelr v Drachen Nashlyn's Gizmo
Diversity's Black Fury
Alfia Dear Arnold II Moonlight Chocolate Demon
Little Oak's Chocolate Micha
Riverside's Alphie Dearest Ch. Pros Honky Tonk Heart
Hulda's Jenny Lou
Tri-Del's Triple Dawg Dare Ya
U-Ch. Prancealot's- Loud N Proud
Bob Tail's Candy Man
Ch. Sanbrook Twist and Shout Ch. Sanbrook Ready Set Go
Ch. Marlex Step Away
Ch. Brookstones Fantasy Frolic Ch. Carovels Jacobs Ladder
Ch. Brookstone's Elfin Magic, AX, CD
Prancealots Moonlight Margarita Witchwood's Darknight Angel Sun Reh UB Darkndebonaire
Beatle Bailey Boo Bear
Witchwood's Night Echo Boo Bears Spiderman
Cragles Gitchie Boo Bear
Ch. Tri-Ryche No Apologies
Ch. Adair's Hot Pepper Ch. Merrywood's Strictly Business Ch. Merrywood's Trump Card
Merrywood's Shadow Bird
Gingerbread Girl Ch. Delcrest Sun Wizard
Daddy's Girl Roxie
Royal Vista's Sizzlin' Red Rose Ch. Valdon's So Hot I Sizzle Ch. Onlyone Sizzler
Ch. Majyc's First Light
Sun Reh Too Red Said Fred A/C Ch. Kerilynn's Drop Dead Fred
Edania's Dramatic Pause

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