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Site updated 05/28/2020

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Welcome and thank you for visiting Prancealots.

I am Robyn, owner of
Prancealots Miniature Pinschers. I am from Naples Florida but now reside in Nashville, Tn. (GO GATORS)
Minpins are my hobby, I love this breed.

Due to the overwhelming amount of phone calls I receive 24 hours a day from around the world,
all thru the night I no longer list my number on website, its easier to contact me thru email.

I have a litter occasionally.  I also do rescue minpins from bad situations and place them in forever homes.

When I do have pups, they are placed with a spay/neuter contract so if your looking for a breeding dog this is the wrong website. :)

You can email for more information as I don't always get my site updated..
I am not a pet shop or commercial breeder. My minpins are my pets and my family. I occasionally have pups available, just email for information.

I have studied this breed for over 30 years,
I am happy to help others learn about the amazing breed and all the beautiful colors.

"FREEDOM"--On Memorial Day, 5/25/09 "Freedom" gained his AKC Championship title.
He is Ch Prancealots Let Freedom Ring. A great day for Freedom.
A huge thanks and hugs for Tammy for taking the time and love to show him...

Email any questions to:


As of May 1, 2007 blue minpins can be shown in United Kennel Club, ONE HUGE STEP!
Fawns then followed and can be shown UKC.
Miniature Pinscher Breeders Association United Kennel Club Breed Club for the Miniature Pinscher has been the success of getting the blues back in the show ring.


*BRAGS* :-)
My minpins are in 3 published miniature pinscher books, two in the USA and one book has been written in the UK by Sue Edmondson that has several photos and a pedigree of my minpin-grandkidz. I am very proud to see the beautiful offspring from one of my Prancealot boys along with his pedigree in this book. Thank you Sue for my autographed copy.
Check out books on my links page.

Newly published book in the USA- "The Miniature Pinscher-King of Toys" is a beautiful hard cover book full of minpin information. You can see my minpins on page 144 and page 145.

See my dogs in this book: The Miniature Pinscher - King of Toys.
Thanks for adding my pups in your book Patricia Lehman!


I am the proud breeder/owner of 3 blue UKC Champions. Now UKC Champions:
Prancealots I Dream Of Gene, Prancealots Blue By U and Prancealots Rhythm N Blues. (all retired and spayed/neutered)
I am a firm believer in "responsible" breeding programs. Be sure and check out our min pin nursery, there you will see blue minpins, fawn minpins as well as all the traditional colors permitted in the show ring.
**Special thanks to Susan Wright for showing me my first blue minpin...**
Prancealots strives for health. We took part is the testing for MPS VI with the University of Pennsylvania/Penn Vet Medicine and received clear results. We back this program and feel all breeders should test their minpins. We support DNA testing.

*AKC inspected and approved.*


I feed our miniature pinschers  "ProPlan Focus Small Breed" food. I recommend Small Breed Puppy (dry) when they are ready for "real" food. There are many excellent dog foods out there now, just stay away from grocery store dog food! Health is so important and good food equals healthy minpin. I am against puppy mills, pet shops and breeders that help keep puppy mills going. I have rescued several minpins that started their life in a puppy mill, I showed them what LOVE is and what life has to offer and found them loving families. I am a true honest, loving and caring miniature pinscher owner. I am very aware that all owners/breeders don't share the same opinions, but understand that is what makes the world go around. First and foremost, a minpin must have a loving family before anything else comes into play.

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