Champion Prancealots Let Freedom Ring

  Breeder: Prancealots


Parents  Grand-Parents  3rd Generation  4th Generation  5th Generation 
 Pros Anthony Direct (stg rd)
 Ch. Pros Tsavo Black Tie Opional (blk/rst)
 Ch. Pros Akela Dude (rd)
 Ch. Citylite Sweet Talkin Man (blk/rst)
 Ch. Pevensey Gold Prospector
 Ch. Pevenseys Really Awesome
 Pros Limited Edition (blk/rst)  Alfra Midnight Charger (ptd)
 Ch. Pros Beyond Perfection
Pros Simply Spectacular (rd)
 Ch. Shadowmist-Pros "The Rainmaker" (rd)
 Ch. Little Kings Fire Walker
 Shadowmist's Raindancer
 Pros Sweet Taboo (rd)
 Ch. Chateau Acres Flakey Jake
  Pros Rockin Robin
  Pros Some Like It Hot (blk/rst)
 Ch. Citylite Sweet Talkin Man (blk/rst)
 Ch. Pevensey Gold Prospector (rd)
 Ch. Delcrest Gold Nugget
  Pevenseys Request of Carlee
 Ch. Pevenseys's Really Awesome (rd)
 Ch. Sunsprite Night Games
 Pevenseys Awesome Annie
 Pros Midnight Munchkin' II (blk/rst)
 Ch. Pros Miracle Maker (rd)
 Ch. Pros-Signature I'm Super Too
 Pros Desert Femme Fatale
 Pros Legendary Tiffany (blk rst)
 Ch. Pros Reluctant Dragon
 Ch. Hart's Shades of Silk 
 Prancealots Chrissmiss Holly (blk/rst)
 Bo-Mar's Fire in the Sky (rd)
  Ch. Best Radar Red (rd)
  Ch. Bo-Mar's Calvin Klein (blk/rst
 Ch. Carlee Nubby Silk
 Mar-J's Little Coquette
  Bo-Mar's Mean Irene (rd)  Ch. Blythewood Go Getter
 Bo-Mar's Tres Chic
 Littenhaus Toasted Sunflower (rd)
 Ch. Littenhaus' Mister Bo-Jangles (rd)
 Ch. Wish-Upon-A-Star Lil Man
 Ch. Satellite's Suny Littenhaus
 Littenhaus Toasted Sunflower (rd)
 Littenhaus C.E.O. Chief
 Misty von Littenhaus
 Alfia Dear (chlt/tn)
 Arnold II (chlt/tn)
 Moonlight Chocolate Demon (chlt/rst)
 Moonlight Piece of the Roc
 Moonlight Tiffany 
 Little Oak's Chocolate Micha (chlt/tn)
 Cocoa Man About Town
 Storm Chug A Lug
  Riverside's Alphie Dearest (stg rd)
 Ch. Pros Honky Tonk Hart (rd)
  Ch. Pro-Signature I'm Super Too 
  Pros Desert Femme 
  Hulda's Jenny Lou (stg rd)
  Dandee of Groovy Acres 
  Rolling Hills Firefox 
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