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About the Breeder

Hi, my name is Robyn, welcome to my world of minpins.

This site is more about knowledge then breeding,  only having 3 females I do not have pups very often.

I am just a person that is dedicated to this breed. I am owned by my 3 little lady minpins and my awesome studly boys. They are my world, my kids. I do have puppies now and then but I do not breed often, I work and take care of my human family along with spending my time enjoying my pets. If anyone would have told me that my minpins would be world famous one day I would have never believed them. I am honored and blessed for the success my minpinKids have achieved. At this time there are 4 blue UKC Champions in the country, 3 of them are mine. UKC CH Prancealots I Dream of Genie, UKC CH Prancealots Blue By You and UKC CH Prancealots Rhythm N Blues. "Genie" is in the top ten for 2008. At this time "Genie" is the first blue to be in the top 10 in the USA. These minpinkidz have all been spayed and are enjoying family life.I am not a commercial breeder and I am not a petshop or petstore. I do not have puppies often but when I do they are available to family/pet homes. People can visit my pups when I have pups available. I just do not have pups very often anymore. I am enjoying my retired years. :)
I do not want my minpin pups to end up in a puppy mill.


As I hope you can see by my website, I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!

I live in Nashville, Tn. but I grew up in Naples, Florida, so I am a die-hard Florida Gator Fan! GO GATORS!
The true champions in college football!
I am a true GATOR FAN, I named my very first blue UKC Champion after the best quarterback ever. "Prancealots Blue By U". Call name is TEBOW...

I am married and I do have two human kids. :-) I have a husband that realizes my passion for my minpins. He helps whenever he can... He enjoys buiding things so I try and keep him busy around here. :-) My two kids are my life, I am proud of them both.
My son is the biggest Gator fan in Tennessee (besides myself) and my daughter enjoys obedience and agility with her minpin. I love my two children more then life itself!

Besides my minpins my play time consist of riding my harley, either with my husband, my daughter or my friends.

I love to ride. I have loved animals since I was a child.
I have been a pet owner and hobby breeder/dog handler all my life. I was raised in Naples, Florida by a mom that loved all animals. I had so may pets, from ducks to horses. I was blessed with loving parents who enjoyed animals as much as we did. 
I use to raise and show persians for many years. I use to work with the dilute colors in persians like I do with the dilute minpins.

I still have pups available now and then. Since I do not breed often I have considered taking my site down but I believe in learning about all breeds before buying one. Being a dog owner is a huge responsiblity. So I leave this beautiful site up to help show the colors that are possible in this wonderful breed.
I believe that you must fully educate yourself before buying a pet of any kind. Education is very important. And even more so when buying dilute colors. I try to answer each and ever email although at times I get overwhelmed with emails.

I have worked with and owned walking horses for many years. I really love that "gait", both in the walking/racking horse and the miniature pinscher have. I love to watch them prance around like they own the world, very proud.

Health, conformation and sound mind should always be important.

I am very proud to have minpins in other countries, England, Australia and Japan. I have spent many years working with this breed and enjoyed every minute of it.

Prancealots Miniature Pinschers are loved all around the world!

My mother and my father served our country as Marines. My mother was a Marine for a short time, my father spent his whole life in the Marines. I did not get to know him since being a Marine was his whole life. My mom and dad passed away when I was very young, I will always be proud of my parents, they both stood up for the the country they loved, the great USA....
I thank my mother for the gift she passed on to me, the love for animals. I loved my mother more then words could every express, she is so deeply missed in my life.

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My Dad





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