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Blue and Fawn Miniature Pinscher Information


My grand child in the UK


Photo is Prancealots Moonlight Margarita, "Rita"


As of May 1, 2007 blue minpins may enter the show ring in UKC. This is a fantastic step for our beautiful blue minpins! I am proud to be the breeder of 3 new UKC Champion BLUES!
This is my first blue baby to hit the show ring, who just became my 3rd UKC Champion on May 6th.

UKC CH Prancealots I Dream Of Genie
This blue page and the fawn page are both dedicated to the beautiful dilute colors. Blue being the dilute of black, and fawn being the dilute of chocolate. There are also other dilute colors that many are not aware of. These beautiful colors are here to stay, they are not rare, they are not new, they have been here from the get go and in my opinion, it is due to bad breedings are they being considered rare! It's more rare to find a reputable, dedicated, educated and caring breeder regarding blues and fawns.

Blues were once in the miniature pinscher standards but were removed by the MPCA in 1980. The MPCA feels that ALL blues have coat problems, but this is far from the truth. AKC will still register a blue but will not permit one to show in conformation.

Educate yourself BEFORE buying a blue, not after.

I get emails asking if its true that a blue may have coat problems. Yes, it can occur, just as it can occur in any color. Bad coats can be caused by several things, to list a few; alopecia, a blue to blue breeding, bad diet, kept in unhealthy surroundings, skin problems not caught and treated in time. List goes on and on. These are fully coated, healthy blues! We strive for beautiful healthy full coated blues and fawns. Puppies to appoved homes only.


There are a few wonderful reputable breeders that are working hard to bring back the blues. Not only bring them back into the show ring, but to have full, thick, rich and healthy coats as well as be as healthy as any other minpin. Striving to compete in conformation in the AKC shows once again. To prove this "blue" is a COLOR. There are many AKC breeds that come in blue, and they are accepted to show. DUE to unreputable breeders that breed bad coated blues they have been stopped from showing. HELP focus on the proper solution, don't stop the blues from existing, stop the unreputable breeders. Educate the ones that have them and that are now breeding them without the proper knowledge.

Breeding blue to blue is a big problem, its being done to make quick money. Breeders wanting the CASH instead of healthy minpins. Blue is a diluted gene that must be worked with carefully in breeding programs.

If you are breeding blues, then please EDUCATE yourself ! Stop being part of the problem and help be the solution.

Unreputable breeders that are breeding blues for profit, breeding without the proper knowlege are only hurting the reputable breeders, slowing down the progress to put them back into the show ring. People think that all blues are unhealthy and this is just not fact! Fact is, there are wonderful, healthy, fully coated blues that should have equal rights to show in the ring with all the other colors.

I feel you can have blue minpins, just as you can have a blk/rust, red, choc., etc..., and still have a healthy and beautiful minpins. My blues are proof. The blues we have here at Prancealot Minpins are extremely healthy and fully coated, their coats are as thick as all my other colors. Please do NOT discriminate against this wonderful, stunning color. Lets get this color back into the show ring. If breeders don't want to breed this color, that is their choice, we on the other hand should have the choice to breed and show blues as well as fawns. A big THANKS should be said to all those reputable miniature pinscher breeders who did not give up on the blues or fawns. Ones that have continued working them into their breeding programs properly.

In the show ring, its supposed to be " Let The Best Dog Win". If its a blue then great, if its a red, thats great, as long as its the BEST specimen of a minpin according to the standard. Coat color is coat color, as hair color on people is just that, hair color!




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