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Miniature Pinschers.. PUPPIES are awesome. Minpin pups available occasionally.
You are going to enter the world of beautful, stunning miniature pinschers. Sit back & enjoy all the miniature pinscher adults & the minpin puppies. You will see miniature pinschers in blue, fawn, black/rust, red, tan, & chocolate as well as stag colors. I own 4 minpins that I love and are my kids. Two stunning females two handsome boys. Showing minpins is just a hobby but I do have pups available occasionally to good family homes. Minpins are so much fun doing agility with, great exercise. I am not a petshop, not a commercial breeder, I just love to share my minpin knowledge plus off pups occasionally. Please let site load fully to enjoy all the miniature pinscher photos.
Be prepared to be dazzled by the most beautiful breed, the KING OF THE TOYS!